Timeline Clearing
“Clear the Past & Make Room for the NOW”


What is timeline clearing?

Timeline clearing is a process adapted from NLP (NeuroLinguisitic Programming) that reveals the root cause of disruptive beliefs and emotions that we may not even be aware of because they are stored in the unconscious mind.

What does timeline clearing do?

It releases negative emotions which allows us to change our behaviour and change our responses to life’s challenges. We then become able to react to events based on where we are now, instead of having emotions rooted in the past dictate our feelings and actions.

How does timeline clearing work?

With no judgment of what has happened in the past, Brenda uses the process to lead you to a profound healing and understanding of how the past has a direct effect on your current behaviour. When we are triggered by an event, we react to old patterns and memories of the past (without even knowing it!). Sometimes we are triggered by a series of events from the past that are linked together; when that happens, the memories have even more impact than a single event. That is when we overreact. Timeline Clearing releases the old negative patterns causing us to react and overreact, and replaces them with “the power of now”.

What kinds of behaviours change?

~ Reactions and overreactions that you want to release. Consider road rage as an example of being triggered and overreacting to a current event. Are you really as angry as you feel simply because this particular person cut you off? Timeline Clearing helps you respond to events such as this in a more appropriate way. We are not saying that is wrong to be angry or sad. Every situation can affect us in different ways and we want to be in the moment with an appropriate level of emotion.

~ The ability to let go of an emotional charge after a triggering event. For instance, when a loved one dies, we grieve over the loss of that person. Then when the next one we love dies, we are now able to grieve for the second person without thinking and grieving for the first person again. No matter how much time between the two deaths, if we have not cleared the sadness or grief, the unconscious mind adds on to the chain of unresolved and unhealed memories, linking them.

Where do these reactive emotions come from?

Some of these memories we carry did not originate with us. Some emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt have been passed on to us through our family history from events that may been generations old and some are past life. If you really want to live in the Now, then you need to clear the past, making room for the now and the future, creating a path of fresh and new experiences.

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