Welcome to Mystic Waters Ranch


Welcome to Mystic Waters Ranch!

Are you emotionally healthy? Are you spiritually healthy? Are you aware of what you need in order to achieve these states?

If you truly want to LIVE A FULFILLING LIFE then you must be willing to create it!

Most of us are not aware of the appropriate processes, nor do we have the knowledge of tools needed to create a life we desire.

We cannot do it on our own. We need guidance along the way.

I, Brenda Brown, will guide you using key elements which help to create a healthy existence. I have specific training, expertise, and experience in Timeline Clearing, Family Constellation, and Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL.) These are some of the most effective and powerful tools to help you create a LIFE you will love living!

Timeline Clearing prepares you by “clearing the slate.” It will assist you in releasing old emotions and beliefs in a deep and lasting way. Old emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt, along with belief systems, which may be limiting you, will be cleared. We can stop the patterns of pain passing down from generations before you, so your children will also be free of unnecessary pain. There may be past events which were never resolved. These skeletons in the closet can finally be healed.

By using the process of Family Constellations, the workshop helps us clear generational events and negative influences of the environment you may have been raised in. FEEL will help bring the positive emotions we naturally desire as human beings. The horses will assist in revealing your true authentic self. They help you embody feelings of unconditional love and show you how to create healthy boundaries, along with a vast reconnection to nature.

Create a healthy relationship with yourself, and the people and environment around you. Albert Einstein said, “We now have realized our universe is based on relationships (Relativity)! Each one of us is a lone star connected to a wonderful constellation of family and friends.”


Brenda Brown
Mystic Waters Ranch
Where Healing Happens