Oracle Cards Inspired by the Horses

Mystic Messages from the Horses’ Hearts

Inspirational Horse Oracle Card Deck

Get messages from the horses to support your growth and inner guidance.
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horse oracle deck with crystals - what can the horses tell us?
mystic messages from horses hearts cards
horses oracle cards - inspirational messages from the horses

How to Use the Cards

Draw the messages from the horses that you are meant to receive. Are you looking for love? Feeling alone? Seeking to overcome obstacles, wishing for freedom or respect from others?

The horses have messages from their hearts on all these matters and many more. Horses’ experience with the human condition is as vast as their gentle compassion.

But there is more than the message in the Mystic Messages from the Horses’ Hearts oracle cards.

Each card is painted with charged water and/or crystal/mineral paints. There are four levels of energy infused into each card:

1. First is the unique painting on the front of each card. As you look at each painting, allow the image to speak to you. The horses may give you insights and powerful information.

2. The message written on the back of each card contains healing information to guide you on your quest to shift your inner being.

3. The crystal energy may also bring you intuitive messages and guidance as you tune into each of the crystal’s vibrations.

4. Numerology is also a consideration. The power of numbers brings a deeper layer of understanding and guidance.

The horses are Master teachers of energy, emotions, and pure equine wisdom.

Spiritual horse card deck - mystic messages from the horses
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