Where Hearts Are Nourished

Experience magical transformation with ease and grace

Create a life you love living

Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL®)

The horses help to reveal your true authentic self, and help you FEEL the positive emotions we naturally desire as human beings.

Family Constellations

Clear generational events and negative influences of the environment you may have been raised in that are holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Timeline Clearing

Clear the slate! Timeline Clearing helps you release old limiting emotions and beliefs in a deep and lasting way.

Free Connection Call

Get started on your path to healing today with a free introductory session with Brenda Brown. You’ll also receive updates about upcoming events at Mystic Waters Ranch!

Horses Healing Human Hearts at Mystic Waters Ranch, Langely, BC

Horses Healing Human Hearts

FEEL® workshops and sessions with the horses. Reveal what’s holding you back, and heal with messages and insights from the horses. Feel profound and lasting changes and go forward with confidence. Once you’ve been hugged by a horse, you can never go back!

Healing the Family Waters

Family Constellation workshops and sessions with facilitator Brenda Brown. Discover and release repeating family patterns that cause physical and emotional pain and block the love your heart craves. Feel a powerful sense of love and support from your past and present families.

Action Therapy

Beyond talk: Timeline Clearing.
Break free of pain caused by emotional trauma and unhealthy patterns. A loving, non-judgemental process that leaves you feeling stable, grounded, and inspired to move forward with clarity.
I just wanted to say thank you again for working with my mom and me! I’ve been receiving all sorts of wonderful opportunities!! Abundance is definitely coming in my direction. Thank you for the wonderful work you do and facilitating such great healing!!
S. Vedal

The constellations have enabled me to participate in multi-generational healing and learning. They are an enlightening experience and revelation in spiritual, emotional and physical understanding. They are also a great way to make connections with like minded people.
C. Johnson

Mystic Waters Ranch
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