Aura and Chakra Reading

Restore balance with aura and chakra readings

Learn the meaning of your aura and chakra colours, and learn how a chakra reading can help you heal physical and emotional imbalances.

What is an aura?

An aura is an energy field that is held around all living beings and emanates colours and frequencies. This field can help us to understand what we are feeling and what energy we may be allowing into our body. The outer layer of the Aura helps to break down the sun’s white light so we can utilize its energy to give us optimum health. Having a strong healthy Aura is important for our wellbeing. Cracks or holes in this field can be a sign of illness, trauma or injury to our physical body and emotional body.

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What are the 7 Chakras?

Chakras are energy vortexes, spinning wheels that allow us to bring the sun’s light into the body. There are 7 main Chakras that allow for the colour and frequencies of the spectrum of the rainbow to enter into each corresponding Chakra. Each Chakra will then bring energy into our body through the meridian system which feeds the organs.

As we experience events in our lives, we can hold onto emotions that have a direct effect on our chakra system. Some events that have been traumatizing can lead to Chakras getting overstimulated or congested. What we are wanting to achieve is a balance in each of the Chakras. The horses can read our Chakras and this is how they are able to provide such powerful healing energy.


Reading Chakras and Auras

Brenda Brown uses a biofeedback system called Win Aura Star, that allows us to see what your Aura and Chakras look like. By using this Reader, we are able to see what is in need of balancing. In the images here, you can see a couple of pictures of Auras and the Chakras system. When your Chakras are balanced and emotions are healthy, they will look like the picture at the top left. The top right picture has some Chakras that are out of balance.

Out of balance can mean that the Chakra is either too big or too small. Either too much energy is going out or coming into the body or not enough energy is coming in or going out of the body. Overstimulated Charkas can show that we might be feeling too intense of emotions and or picking up other fears. Congested Chakras can mean a feeling of low self-worth and other issues relating to how we feel about ourselves. Working to bring emotional issues to balance will help bring your energy body into balance and create a healthier life.

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